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Going through a breakup or just feeling the girl power vibes? Here are some songs that are sure to have you feeling confident:


  1. Without Me by Halsey

This Halsey song appears to be lowkey, but it packs a punch. Her lyrics describing a dysfunctional relationship prove she’s done being taken advantage of after she stuck by her lover’s side through it all. 


  1. Be Careful by Cardi B

This Cardi B song warns her man to get it together or get out. Cardi explains what she needs from a relationship and proves that she knows her worth. 


  1. Take a Bow by Rihanna 

This Rihanna oldie is a go-to when you’re in your feels. RiRi calls her man out on his lies and applauds him for his very convincing performance. 


  1. Nights Like This by Kehlani 

Kehlani is frustrated with her lover in this track, conflicted between texting her ex or starting something new. She’s tempted but doesn’t want to get roped into their games again. 


  1. Don’t Call Me Up by Mabel

This new hit will have you feeling like an independent woman in no time. Mabel is done with the games and plans to go for a night out to forget all about him.


  1. Thru Your Phone by Cardi B 

Caught you! The title says it all–Cardi found some things she wasn’t supposed to see while her man was sleeping, and creates a payback plot in true Hot Girl fashion.


  1. Love Myself by Hailee Seinfeld 

This hit makes you want to get up and do the Single Ladies dance. Hailee wants you to love who you are and proves you don’t need anybody else!


  1. My Boy by Billie Eilish

Billie tells her boy as it is– he’s gotta man up or she’s gone!


  1. Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

This Adele classic is perfect to sing in the shower. Adele is trying to be strong on her own but finds herself going back to the relationship. She’s emotionally attached, but eventually realizes she’s better off without him.


  1. Truth Hurts by Lizzo

Admit it… As soon as this song starts playing, you want to get up and scream the lyrics with all your girls. Tell him everything he’s missing!  

These 10 songs are sure to have you ready for the day and feeling confident. Go off sis!

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