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College is all about learning how to be on your own. In order to stay organized, healthy, and motivated, it is important to have certain items on your packing list. Here are the top 10 items all college students should have.


1. Planner

If you know me, you know that I love my planner. I can’t go anywhere without it. The truth is, if I don’t write it down...I won’t get it done. Professors tend to remind students of big exams but not the reading homework due on a certain day. A planner will help you stay on top of everything.


2. Noise cancellation earbuds

Sometimes your hallmates will be too loud. Or, someone in the library will tap their foot while they work. Tune people out with any pair of noise cancellation earbuds. I use my AirPod Pros, but anything will do. As someone who likes to study in complete silence, they have been a lifesaver. 


3. Reusable water bottle

Most students I know understand the importance of having a reusable water bottle. It is so essential to remember to drink water in order to avoid headaches and stay energized. Water fountains can be found in all academic buildings, so take advantage of them!


4. Peppermint oil

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are taking online classes. Staring at a screen for hours on end, at least in my experience, gives me major headaches. Don’t grab the painkillers just yet—pure peppermint oil is a great natural solution to cure headaches. Put some oil on your fingertips and lightly press it into your temples, behind your ears, and on the back of your neck. You’ll feel an intense cooling sensation, and your headache will be gone in no time. Make sure to wash your hands after, because you want to avoid getting it in your eyes!


5. Bluelight blocking glasses

Speaking of staring at a screen all day, if you can get your hands on some bluelight blocking glasses, do it. It is important to protect your eyes from extensive exposure to bluelight. Without my glasses, I tend to strain my eyes when looking at my computer screen. To avoid damaging your eyes, I recommend investing in some glasses.


6. Shower shoes

Alright…if you don’t have shower shoes…you’re doing it wrong. Please, please, PLEASE buy some flip-flops or waterproof slides. Never step into a shower barefoot. Foot fungus is something no one wants. 


7. Dry erase markers

Most college dorms have white boards on the front of the doors. Decorate them with your roomie! Make it funny, colorful, or whatever your heart desires. Also, some study rooms include whiteboards, and in my experience, the markers in there never work. Also, COVID most likely took away any markers the school may have given you. Either way, bring your own and never be caught empty-handed. 


8. Speaker 

Perfect to fill any awkward silence with your roomie, or simply to just vibe out with your friends—a speaker is a must. Just don’t play your music too loud or your hallmates might complain!


9. Swiffer and Vacuum

Keeping your room clean is absolutely necessary in college, especially if you share a space with someone else. A vacuum cleaner (the mini dustbuster works wonders) will get the dust-up, and a dry Swiffer pad will pick up any excess dirt or grime. Finish off with a wet Swiffer pad to make the floor shine. The scented wet pads also give the room a fresh scent when you are done cleaning.


10. Command hooks and strips 

Lastly, command hooks and strips are great when you would like to hang your keys, towels, belts, hats, etc. in your room. They come in different sizes, so choose accordingly. Definitely have these on hand!

Thank me later for this list—I just made your life a whole lot easier!

Rebecca Kane

Lafayette '23

Major: English Smoothie-holic. Keeping my dreams alive by hitting the snooze button. Open to any and all song recommendations.
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