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The cold winter weather is quickly approaching so enjoy some nice sunny fall days studying outside while you can! Here is a list of some of the best outdoor study spots on campus:

  1. The Adirondack chairs outside of RISC- Located right between Rockwell and Watson Hall, this study spot has trees that provide some shade but you can also sit in the sunlight. You can move around the adirondack chairs for any size group you may want to study with and the grasses right in front of the chairs make you feel secluded from students walking by.
  2. The benches behind Hugel Science Center- If you do not look carefully, you may completely miss the benches and trees sitting right outside Hugel at the corner closest to Skillman Library. The location being surrounded by Rockwell provides seclusion but also lets the sun shine in. It is a nice spot to study before you have to go into your class at Hugel alone or with some friends!
  3. The tables outside of the ECO Cafe- The patio that connects the second floor of RISC and Watson Hall has tables and chairs that are the perfect spot to study. If you get hungry while studying you can easily go into Rockwell and grab a snack or smoothie from the ECO cafe. This location is below the main traffic entering Rockwell and is an especially nice location for students living in Watson Hall since you can walk right out of the door in Watson basement to the patio (note: you cannot get back into Watson Hall through this door).
  4. The grass area between Rueff and Keefe- Bring along a blanket to lay out on the ground and study while watching downton Easton. This spot provides a great view while you work. If you look through the break in the trees you can see right into downtown Easton!
  5. The picnic benches around the quad- If you are looking for a more social place to study, the picnic benches around the quad are perfect for you. They are mostly in the shade from the trees surrounding them and you are sure to see familiar faces walking by!

Whatever your studying style is, there is a place outside for you to work! So next time you see sunshine and nice weather in the forecast pack up your backpack and head out!

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