Thanksgiving Style Guide

Excited for Thanksgiving break but worried about what to wear on arguably one of the best holidays of the year? In that case, this style guide is perfect for you! I have compiled a collection of looks that vary in formality and can be generalized and swapped with pieces from your closet. So have no fear and without further ado here is your Thanksgiving style guide:


The Dressy Look

This look is the most formal option on this guide and is perfect for an occasion that requires more modesty. I paired a simple wrap dress with a cardigan and brown boots. By staying in the warm color family this outfit screams “fall!” The shoes can easily be exchanged for any type of boot or bootie you own! The Bohemian Look

This outfit pairs a bell sleeve sweater with a patterned skirt and brown booties. This look would be good for another more dressy occasion, but one where you can still show off your individual flair! I choose to wear frilly lace socks with the boots because I thought it was a nice accent that matched the bottom of the look with the excitement on top.

The Stylish Suede

I chose to model another skirt outfit because I believe skirts are a popular option for Thanksgiving. Not only do they cool you down if you’re overheating in a house that’s cooking 5 million dishes, but they still maintain an aesthetically pleasing autumn look. This skirt a brown suede material paired with an oversized thermal shirt that I tied in the front to give it a better shape. This shirt can be swapped with any long sleeve shirt from your closet making it work perfectly as an easy to throw together look!

The Oversized Sweater

I feel like nothing screams Thanksgiving quite like turtlenecks so I felt obligated to include this outfit. It is a little more casual because I paired it with leggings and suede sneakers, but it can easily be dressed up with jeans or a skirt. I like how even though this shirt is oversized, and the cutouts in the back make it more fashionable and less baggy.

The Ultimate Casual Sweater Look

This is another more casual outfit for the Thanksgiving celebration that revolves around stuffing your face and watching football. I am a big fan of stripes so naturally, I chose to pair this sweater with a pair of jeans. I believe all jeans work well with sweaters so feel free to personalize the look with whatever you have in your closet! Since this is a more casual look, I went with Converse because they are my comfiest shoes and my go to in any situation.

The Simple, yet classic Look

I like this look because it can be worn with or without the cardigan. This is important if you’re like me and always overheat on Thanksgiving. I chose a simple button shirt because it looks cute as an independent piece, as well as with the cardigan. I chose suede sneakers because personally, they are my shoe of choice but this look would also look great with any type of boot.

The Fabulous Flannel Ensemble

For my last look, I went for a classic fall staple -- a flannel! Again, this works well because the flannel can be removed if you’re too hot and the look still works. I chose a plain v-neck shirt to wear under the flannel, knowing that if I remove the flannel I’ll still be comfortable. This is my most casual look that is perfect for a laid-back gathering!


Thank you for reading my style guide and I look forward to seeing all the cute and stylish outfits everyone rocks this Thanksgiving break! Thanksgiving is a special time of year where families and friends can come together after being disconnected throughout the fall. So, be sure to put your best foot forward and dress to impress!