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Superlatives of Peter’s Season of the Bachelor

The best part about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette is all the different personalities the show brings on! Since there are so many interesting people, my friends and I assigned superlatives for the final contestants in Peter’s season. Keep reading to find out if you agree with our choices!


Most Likely to be Taken Home to Mom: Madison

Madison is no doubt the fan-favorite of this season. She is incredibly sweet, has a beautiful smile, and you can tell she genuinely cares about the people she loves. She is the perfect person to take home to the family–which was her first date with Peter!


Most Dramatic Over Small Things: Kelsey

Although she proved to be a real contender by the end of the season, Kelsey was very popular on the internet at the start of the season for the “Champagne Scandal” when Hannah Ann accidentally shared a bottle of champagne with Peter that Kelsey brought from home. The incident caused Kelsey to stir up unnecessary drama that lasted way too long!


Most Two-Faced: Victoria F.

Victoria F started off the season as the shy, quiet girl who was scared of not being noticed by Peter. But her risky performances at the fashion show and the jungle photoshoot proved she’s not too nervous to kiss Peter in front of the entire cast. After that, she seemed to gain confidence and even pitched in in some of the arguments in the house. Lastly, when Peter’s ex showed up at Victoria F’s hometown date, she expressed to him she may not be the person he thinks she is and actually has some secrets behind closed doors. Overall, she was very secretive, would act differently around the other girls compared to her alone time with Peter, and never truly expressed how she directly felt about marrying Peter throughout the show.

Most Likely to be Prom Queen: Hannah Ann

Hannah Ann stood out to Peter from the beginning. As a model, she calls attention to herself everywhere she goes and received the First Impression Rose from Peter. That’s prom queen material if you ask me!


Most Likely to Tell Peter a Fake Story for a Rose: Sydney

Sydney is a contestant who seemed fake from the beginning. On a date, Sydney told Peter she was bullied in high school, ate her lunch in the bathroom, and didn’t even go to prom. However she was on the cheer team, won beauty pageants, and her yearbook images resurfaced from a classmate showing her as homecoming queen. 


Most Likely to be on the Show for Instagram Followers: Mykenna

As a fashion blogger, Mykenna relies on her social media platform to help her in her job. Mykenna proved to be very juvenile when situations got hard, and she was always caught making silly faces on camera.


Most Likely to Start Unnecessary Drama in the House: Tammy

Tammy is definitely one of the fan’s least favorites this season. She was involved in most of the drama that went on in the house and would spend her time with Peter talking about other girls. She even accused Kelsey of having an alcohol and drug problem because she was threatened by her.


Send Her Home: Alayah

Every season, there seems to be that one contestant that the Bachelor or Bachelorette can’t seem to get rid of despite obvious red flags. This season that was Alayah, who was sent home after Peter was influenced by the girls telling him she wasn’t being genuine. Everyone was shocked when she came back after being sent home to “clear her name” and tried to get back on the show–almost convincing Peter to let her do so.


Most Likely to Win an Argument: Kelley

Kelley had an immediate upper hand on the other girls as she had met Peter at a wedding before the show aired. Kelley was never the kind of girl to get involved in the drama. But as an attorney, it’s pretty obvious she’d have some strong words if she was put in that position.


Most Badass: Natasha

Even though it took her all season to get a one-on-one date, it was obvious Peter enjoyed being around Natasha and was transparent with her when asking for the truth about how she was feeling throughout the process. Although ultimately Peter decided he felt more of a friendship than a romantic relationship with Natasha, she remained strong and confident after being told the news that she was being sent home.


Most Likely to Be the A Bachelorette: Victoria P

Victoria P is the person Peter always went to when he needed advice because he claimed he trusted her immediately. Victoria had expressed to Peter that she lost her father at a young age, and had to mature very quickly because her mom fell into drug addiction. Although they had great chemistry on their first date, Peter sent Victoria P home in the middle of a group date, not even waiting for the rose ceremony. Victoria P was able to overcome such a hard childhood and find success being a nurse at age 27. Her sweet and intelligent nature would make her a great Bachelorette!


Overall, Peter’s season was filled looooots of drama per usual, so I hope you enjoyed all my superlatives to wrap up the season before the finale!



For your reference, here are all of the contestants’ names and pictures: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/entertainment/tv/g29087999/peter-weber-bachelor-contestants-season-24-2020/?slide=1 

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