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The animal print trend has been all the rage lately and now’s your chance to sport that once tacky leopard print article of clothing. Why you may ask? It’s finally that time of year when it’s acceptable to step foot on Lehigh’s campus for the annual rivalry game. Need some ideas on where to get your game-ready gear? Whatever look you’re going for this year, I’ve got you covered:


1. For the trendy girl: Nasty Gal

In my opinion, Nasty Gal is like a more edgy version of Forever 21 and they always have items on sale! If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest trends like cowl neck tops, midi skirts or biker shorts, this is the store for you. Whatever the game day weather happens to be, Nasty Gal is stacked with both lighter and more heavy-duty pieces.


2. For the versatile shopper:​ Forever 21

Forever 21 carries pretty much any style of clothing at an affordable price, what’s not to love about that? You can find an item to fit almost any kind of vibe from edgy to business-casual and beyond. Even if you’re someone who simply needs inspiration on the kind of outfit to wear, Forever 21 is sure to spark your interest with their items. On the downside, their shipping usually takes a little longer than other online stores, so I suggest planning ahead with an outfit from here.


3. For the preppy one: The Impeccable Pig

The Impeccable Pig is a Southern boutique chain based in Dallas and now with twenty locations around the U.S. The store has a diverse selection of fashion-forward and minimalist yet chic clothes that are sure to make you look like a Southern Belle while still remaining on-trend. Fair warning though, they run out of stock quickly and their items are moderately priced, but the quality is ~impeccable~, trust me!


4. For the “Instagram baddie”: Pretty Little Thing

If you plan on rocking a sexier and form-fitting look, Pretty Little Thing has a flattering piece for every body type. From curvy to petite, their items can be worn for either a daytime or nighttime look. Their quality plus the price range of $20 to $40 is a win-win for anybody!


5. For the last-minute shopper: Amazon

From socks to scarves to leggings, Amazon is the perfect place to buy rivalry gear if you’re an outfit-planning procrastinator. You can also easily find cute accessories like sunglasses, gloves, tumbler cups, you name it! You could also just use Prime’s fast shipping to expedite shipping on shoes from top brands like Steve Madden. If you like to have tons of options and play around with different leopard print looks, look through Amazon’s leopard print items and you’re sure to go down a rabbit hole of online shopping.


Whatever the weather, the scoreboard, or your personal style may be, there is sure to be a cute leopard print item out there to fit your budget and fashion needs! Even if you don’t make it to the football game, now you can finally take advantage of the leopard print trend while still showing school spirit. Happy rivalry season and as always, roll pards.  

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