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We have reached the point in the year where everyone is tired of winter. It has been cold for long enough and we want to put an end to these dark depressing days. Any part of winter that was exciting or pleasing has passed and all we’re left with is brown and yellow slush on the ground. One sunny day in the high 50’s provides a boost of serotonin and gives everyone a glimpse into what we have to look forward to. Here are a few of my favorite things about spring!. 

Quad Time: Lafayette has a beautiful quad, right in the center of campus. There are plenty of picnic tables and adirondack chairs for you and your friends to sit at. Additionally, students will bring out blankets to lie on, and oftentimes kids will play catch or spike ball to soak up the nice weather. I enjoy doing homework on the quad on warm days because you get fresh air and the environment is nice and relaxing. 

Fashion: Winter requires layers upon layers. Walking around campus shivering in a big puffy coat is not ideal. Personally, it is much harder for me to create a cute outfit for cold weather than warm weather. I prefer lightweight clothing over being bundled up. I am looking forward to wearing skirts, flowy dresses and tank tops.  

Spring Break: The first warm day makes everyone want to stop doing work and go outside. Luckily, these promising days are right before spring break. Many students will go on vacation to the beach and get some sun to cure their seasonal depression. Even if you are just going home to your family, a break is always needed at this time. 

Overall, there are so many things to look forward to and we are so close to this very fun time of year! It is always a long winter but it makes spring and summer that much more enjoyable!

Erin Diggins

Lafayette '24

Hi! My name is Erin Diggins and I am a junior at Lafayette College majoring in psychology!