Speaking Fashion

It’s not a new trend per say, just underrated: slogan T-shirts.


From NY fashion week to the streets of LA, graphic tees with messages on them are literally statement pieces. Bella Hadid catwalks in The Future is Female slogan-T for IMAXTREE's show and the next day slays the same style while sitting courtside at a Lakers game. Two totally different occasions, made by the same perfect T-shirt. It seems so simple, so why isn’t everyone on the trend?

We all love a good T-shirt with jeans look. It’s classic and never goes out of style. But what if I said the plain T-shirt just doesn’t cut it anymore? I’m talking about taking a simple style to the next level.

I don’t want to hear it doesn’t match, because let me tell you something--it does, says Vogue. That is the best part about the slogan T-shirt. It assumes the role of simple, yet is anything but...


In a world where freedom of speech is granted, why wouldn’t we use it through every avenue available? We are lucky to be attending a college that tolerates diversity of ideas and people. In addition to the phrase “empowered women, empower women,” it is also possible for empowered students, to empower students. Positivity is contagious. So, when a student in a T-shirt that puts out a positive message walks past, you are sure to pick up on their vibe.

Need to see more? Well, here it goes, my shameless plug for Pinterest and Etsy, because you can find everything and anything here. I think these are the best places to purchase T-shirts like this because its a platform where so many ideas are shared and created. Also, if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, the owners of the shops take custom orders. Etsy is an online forum for independent sellers, many of which are looking to accommodate and collaborate with unique customers!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be feminist exclusive graphic T-shirts. Make your own fashion statement. If you are an environmentalist, rock an earth shirt! If you just like to make people smile, think, laugh, or just an impression, wear it! The graphic tee has been fashion's greatest gift for us to be expressive and honest. The more you speak your mind, you give others the confidence to do so too.


So if you’re feeling inspired already, these are my favorites I have seen this week on campus!