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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

A big component of college is food. I have realized through personal experience that many students don’t know about all the food options on campus (no, it’s not just Upper and Marquis). Here is my ranking of the dining options on campus, from best to worst:

  1. Gilbert’s
  • From the Mediterranean salad to the amazing Death by Chocolate french toast, Gilbert’s is my go-to place. It’s got salads, sandwiches, french toast, bagels, bagel sandwiches, and the best chips and pita bread ever.
  1. Eco Cafe
  • Eco is known for its smoothies. My personal favorite is The Leopard, which is  strawberry banana. They have a variety of smoothies; kale, peach, mint, white chocolate, and more. In addition, there are grab to go items: all types of salads and sandwiches, chicken caesar wraps, fruit, chips, and drinks.
  1. Trolley Stop
  • The Trolley Stop diner is the newest addition to campus. Not only do Lafayette students love it, but so do the residents of Easton. It’s your classic diner: waffles, eggs and toast, burgers, milkshakes, everything. 
  1. Lower Farinon
  • Lower Farinon has grab-and-go like the Eco cafe (love the protein boxes and pudding they just added) with food you can order, like lo-mein, burgers, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, salads, etc.
  1. Marquis and Upper Farinon
  • These are the classic dining halls. I see them the same, so that’s why I put them as tied. Provided are buffets of food you can choose from, including pasta, pizza (what everyone loves), salads, chicken, pork, garlic bread, make your own tacos, and more. It changes each day. Their dessert is also great, with the ice cream being the crowd favorite at Marquis and the oreo cake at Upper (there are also cookies, brownies, blondies, etc).

Many only eat at Upper and Marquis, which I personally think is a mistake. The great thing about Lafayette is the yummy variety of food options. Take advantage of them! I also feel it important to mention Mojo’s, which is an amazing cafe with coffee, tea, bagel and bagel sandwiches, smoothies, protein shakes, muffins, and more. Many Laf students live on Mojos. I didn’t mention it because it isn’t a meal swipe, but you can use Pard Dollars (I spent all mine there in the first week). Overall, dining options are a great way to explore campus since they are located all over, try different foods, and be social!

Kat Flanders

Lafayette '25

Freshman at Lafayette