Netflix Rom Coms For Your Next Movie Night

Lately, I’ve been loving unwinding on the weekends by watching movies- especially rom coms. With colder weather coming, it’s so relaxing to bury yourself under blankets and delve into a funny love story. Some of my go-to favorites (Something Borrowed, The Proposal, The Big Sick) are not on Netflix! If you need some new movies to fall in love with, check out these ones that I’ve added to my list of favorites.


Bridget Jones’ Baby

I don’t know why, but I love watching British movies (maybe it’s the accents). This movie is the latest in the saga of Bridget Jones, a recently single 40-year old woman who is witty, blunt, and high-achieving. As her career as a news producer takes off, she falls in love with an American man. Soon after, she realizes she is pregnant and does not know who the father is. 

This cheesy plotline paired with Jones’ dry sense of humor serves as the perfect combo for rom-com entertainment. Who doesn’t love baby drama?! That being said, this movie is very well made. The characters are all very complex and intriguing, and the story pulls twist after twist on its audience. 


About Time 

Have you ever wondered how your life would be if you had made one small decision differently? This is the conundrum Tim Lake faces in About Time. After meeting Mary one night, he realizes he can’t let her go. He goes to extreme measures to ensure their future ends up fairytale-perfect.

This movie is somewhat of a classic, elegant tale of romance with a sci-fi twist. Rachel McAdams is a rom-com queen, and her talents shine in this film. The story is fast-paced and charming. If you are in the mood for a movie to completely boggle your mind and leave you longing for that special someone who will risk everything for you, watch About Time!


Set it Up

This movie begins with two overworked personal assistants running into each other on an extremely hectic night. Their encounter leads them to devise a plan: if they can make their bosses go on a date or perhaps fall in love, maybe they wouldn’t have to work for such miserable people. The premise seems far-fetched and cliche, but Set it Up is unexpectedly heartwarming.

I watched this movie very spontaneously one day after coming across the trailer. If you are looking for a movie full of laughs to entertain you for a night, this is it. The setting is very timely as it’s set in the fast-paced business world of 2019 and the characters are very relatable. 


Sleeping with Other People

In this Netflix original, the leads are old friends who share a history of romantic failures. This story examines the fine borders often held between friendship and a relationship. It is quirky and random at times, but also endearing and optimistic. Overall it was cute and the story told was different than many romcoms, which was refreshing. 

If you are not the biggest fan of traditional rom coms, this one’s for you. It actually was not my favorite although I still appreciated it. My friend made me watch it, and she has seen it several times. What we both agreed on was that it is unique in its depiction of its characters as flawed people who were just searching for love.


I think all of these movies are perfect for a movie night with your friends, significant other, or for a solo night! These are some great ones to choose from, but there are many more. Netflix has a lot of movies that may not have gotten the most attention, but definitely deserve high praise for their originality, humor, and cute storylines. So grab some popcorn or candy and enjoy a cozy movie night to destress from your midterm studying!