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(An exact replica of the pool we bought.)


If you know me or my roommate—let me rephrase that, if you’ve ever seen me or my roommate, you’ve probably heard us talk about the kiddie pool we put in our dorm room. I’m here to tell you why you should immediately buy one for your room too. 


1. Hot girl summer has come to a close, which means that everything from summer is on sale and you too can join our elite club for like $10. Even the floaties we put in it were cheap as chips. We couldn’t imagine life without our $2 blow-up flamingos now. 


2. A nap in the pool hits different. Sometimes you just need to throw blankets and pillows in the pool and lie down. Life stops entirely when you’re chilling in a pool. Not that I remember, but it really feels like you’re in utero again when you’re curled up in the pool.


3. Throw a little Brita water in that bad boy and you’ve instantly brought the Hamptons to your dorm room. With your feet splashing in the tide and Jack Rogers in your line of sight, you might actually run into Kendall Jenner outside of your dorm. 


4. Summer doesn’t actually end with a pool nearby. Play a little ZBB (Zac Brown Band for all you country haters), dip your feet in the tide, open your shades, and you’ll think you’re chilling at the Jersey shore on a nice July weekend. Bonus tip: cue up some old man yelling (preferably with a Jersey accent) on YouTube and you’ll actually think you’re on a nice vacation at Spring Lake. 

Join the club and get a pool.

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