Making the Most out of Halloween at Home

Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, spooky,  and totally safe Halloween this year. Try these ideas to safely get in the spirit:


Best Costume Contest

Since you don’t have to worry about how your outfit will hold up on a night out, you can get as creative and ridiculous with it as you want. Have a photoshoot for your next spooky (or sexy) Instagram post. You can even hold a virtual costume contest with your friends, whether you guys decide the winner or your Instagram followers do through a poll.


Pumpkin Carving

Normally, this is done at home anyways, so it’s perfect. Little ones, big ones, oddly shaped ones… size doesn’t matter, right?



Deck your room OUT. I mean cobwebs on the windows, lights on the ceiling, fake spiders, you name it. Or if the spooky side of the season isn’t really your things, go for a more wholesome vibe with cute little pumpkins and straw decorations, and lots of warm orange and yellow colored decor.



With your costume and decked-out room, you’ll be like a famous actor on the set of a horror flick. Make a TikTok, or five, do crazy Halloween makeup, dance, or even try to create a mini-horror-movie yourself… Boo.


The CLASSIC Halloween Cookies

You know the ones. With the little pumpkin pattern? You can’t have Halloween and not bake those. It’s just not right.


Netflix and Fright

Settle in with a warm plate full of cookies and tune into a Netflix party with your friends. Watch something as scary or sweet as you like. You could even do a daily countdown ABCFamily-style and watch a movie each day for the week leading up to Halloween, getting progressively scarier by the day. Or, if you’re not into that, HalloweenTown 1, 2, and 3 will always be iconic (and totally not frightening) classics.