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Leopard Print Trend: Friend or Faux?

Animal prints are trending right now: snake, cow, and especially leopard. It’s sooo fun and trendy. Personally, I love wearing leopard print because it can dress up or down any jeans or plain pants. But don’t be afraid to mix prints either! It goes with everything, which is why every time I go shopping I have at least 5 animal printed things in my hands. 

But I know I’m not the only one who begs this question: is it weird if I buy leopard print, and wear it around at school? For the record, our school mascot is a leopard and sometimes I feel odd and overly obsessed with school spirit.

Well, you guys, I’m here to tell everyone not to be afraid anymore. Don’t second guess it. I love leopard print and am going to own my obnoxious school spirit finally because I can’t get enough of this trend! All bets off, we’re officially friends with the leopard print trend.

Everywhere, from TopShop to Gucci, has embraced the niche of the leopard print and so with it a plethora of options. You can make it the look or use it to enhance pieces you already own. A show stopping, printed one piece with simple accessories is one way to make a statement in print. Also, leopard print can be used to accessorize and make an existing look pop. Instead of a monotone color sneaker, these white sneakers with a leopard print pop are a simple way to incorporate this trend into your look! 

You can find everything in leopard print these days. Jackets, pants, tops, shoes, earrings, belts, you name it! So, ladies and gents, stock up, because come November and the infamous Lafayette-Lehigh football rivalry, you will need it. 

Here are my favorite looks and pieces of this trend to serve as some ~inspiration~ for you! 







… And for those of us ballin’ on a budget, (ME!!!) these are my go-tos!





I’m in love and it better be here to stay on this campus,  forever!


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