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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Lafayette chapter.

Coming back to school after a year of zoom calls and classes in bed is not as easy of a transition as one may think. With most clubs and activities being cancelled or moved virtually, the pandemic caused a lot of my time management skills to go down the drain. Due to the current flow of events and extra curriculars now available on campus, here are the ways I am managing my new hectic schedule: 

  1. Get a planner

Planners are a great way to keep track of assignments,due dates, andany club meetings you may have. Plus it is always satisfying to cross things off your list of things to do.  

  1. Only focus on one thing at a time 

Try not to bunch every activity into one day or else you will become overwhelmed and dread having to do those tasks. One extracurricular a day will keep you balanced and happy.

  1. Prioritize what is most important to you

It is impossible to join every club and every committee or organization on campus. As fun and interesting as they all are, it is unrealistic. Prioritizing what extracurriculars are most important to you will keep your schedule concise while still participating in the things you enjoy most. 

  1. Establish a routine

As each week goes by, your routine should become more concrete. This consistency allows you to manage your time and predict how your day will look. 

  1. Get enough sleep 

Sleep is so important in college. Figure out if you are an early bird or a night owl and schedule your extracurriculars and homework around that time so you know you’ll get enough rest. 

  1. Take breaks to spend time with friends 

It is easy to get wrapped up in schoolwork or your other involvements on campus, however, it is very important to take time for yourself and hang out with friends. Go easy on yourself, if you have back-to-back plans every day, you will be so overwhelmed that you’ll become burnt out. 

As exciting as coming back to school is, it is an adjustment that takes work. Finding out what works best for you and your lifestyle will be very beneficial in the long run of your semester and college career. Use these steps and I know you’ll get through it!

Erin Diggins

Lafayette '24

Hi! My name is Erin Diggins and I am a junior at Lafayette College majoring in psychology!