How to Stay Focused During the Springtime

It’s that time of year again where winter seems like forever ago, and people are happily soaking up sunshine and fun as  summer is quickly approaching. The flowers are emerging, Gilbert’s tables outside are all full, Frisbee is everywhere and the Quad has finally dried out from the snowy, winter we had. However, with this time comes procrastination and spring fever. It’s hard to concentrate when it seems like  everyone else is out relaxing, but the fact of the matter is finals are coming soon. Here are 5 pieces of advice for you to stay ahead of the game and beat spring fever:

  1. Be organized:

When people are organized, it makes everything easier. The work that needs to be done is more apparent and the notes are more accessible. In order to do this, make to-do lists of all the work and tasks and prioritize certain things. This way, you’re staying on top of deadlines and there’s less scrambling to complete something due in an hour.  In addition, check things off as you go. Plus, it’s very satisfying and a clear way to measure progress.

  1. Create a good study space:

If you’re a person that loves studying in group with classmates, then all the power to you. No longer do you need a study room: the quad has much more space.

However, although the Quad is beautiful and such an amazing place to study, if you find that other groups around are blasting music or being distracted, find another place to study! Our campus is so beautiful and there are many other places to study - both indoors and outdoors. Your study place can make or break your procrastination so try and be held accountable by others, but focused on your work!

  1. Be refreshed:

Take care of yourself! You can’t work outside for 7 hours in the blazing sun. This won’t benefit you in the long run and the sunburn will not be worth it. Maybe try studying in the shade and coming out into the sun as a reward for these breaks! Study in chunks, and take breaks at least every 2 hours. It is not effective to study for longer at a time, so instead, take advantage of the sun while you refresh. Also don’t forget to hydrate! In the warm weather, we need even more water than usual, not to mention it helps you concentrate. Every time you go to study, bring a reusable water bottle and maybe some healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar up.

  1. Think and dream big:

Even though it’s hard since it’s so close to the end of the year, try and think big picture and realize that your work will reap rewards. The more you study, the better your grades and the happier your parents will be this summer! However, in addition to these long term goals and motivators, keep making realistic goals to keep yourself organized and in check.

  1. Maximise time outside:

Everyone wants to study outside when it’s the middle of the day and nice and sunny out. To beat this rush, try going earlier in the day and working before people come. Then, by the time the Quad gets packed, you deserve a nap and can relax for a little while!


    Spring is such a fun season! Everyone comes out of their winter hibernation and there are plenty of events and activities before people leave for the long summer. Remember not to get too swept up in these last few weeks of college and keep working hard! Balance is everything. Hopefully this article will inspire you to stay focused and motivated, and you’ll thrive these last few weeks!