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Question: I have a guy friend who I really like, and he is giving me vibes that he feels the same way. Some of my friends say that I should just ask him out, but I’m afraid it will ruin our friendship. Help? -boytrouble


“I would say wait until you’re very sure, or think that you’re very sure, that he feels the same way. Sometimes good friendships are just as important as a romantic relationship, so weigh that into your choice.” -Helena*


“I think that you should definitely wait a bit. Ask around, subtly, to see if he feels the same way or if you’re just taking friendliness the wrong way. Sometimes this helps, especially if you find out from his close friends what he is actually feeling!” -Emma*


“#YOLO girl. Either you ask him out and you have a great relationship together because you’re already friends, or you ask him out and he says no and you remain as friends. Take initiative!” -Riley*


Question: Me and my roommate aren’t super close but I want to be. I don’t know how to make this work? -frosh


“Roommate relationships can be different and still work. Sometimes it is better to not be best friends with your roommate as long as you can live and work well together.” -Helena*


“If you’re this far into the semester and aren’t best friends, high odds you won’t be. Maybe you have different friend groups already or maybe you just have different interests. If this is really bothering you, try asking if they want to get dinner or lunch sometime and make small talk to bond!” -Emma*


Question: I’m used to having really good home cooked food and I’m having a hard time adjusting to what the dining halls offer. Do you have any advice?


“When you go home for breaks, have your parents make you food that you can take back and freeze. This way you can space out eating campus food and the home food that you like more.” -Helena*


“While the campus food might not be what you like to eat, I would still recommend to keep trying all of the food. If you see something you’ve never tried before, put a bit of it on your plate! I would try to do this at every meal and maybe you’ll discover a new favorite dish!” -Emma*


“The food isn’t the best sometimes, so I stick with salads and pasta: I often cook my own food in my kitchen, and I have some friends who cook in their communal kitchens. Ask your mom to send you her recipes and try to make them yourself!” -Riley*


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