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It seems that when the sun is out and the weather is warmer, everyone tends to be in a better mood. Now that Spring is upon us, we are able to ditch staying indoors and begin doing more activities outside with friends and family. I have compiled a list of some fun, creative, and adventurous things to do once the sun is shining and the buds of new flowers are starting to bloom. 


  1. Go for a walk on a nature trail 

  2. Picnic with a handful of friends by a lakeside 

  3. Walk to your local ice cream shop 

  4. Paint a picture on a canvas 

  5. Hit up an amusement park for the day 

  6. Take a road trip and camp under the stars 

  7. Tan outside while listening to music 

  8. Go strawberry picking 

  9. Make a fruit salad and some lemonade to go along with it 

  10. Tye dye shirts outside with your best friend 


It does not matter what activities you chose to do in the Spring, just as long as you are outside taking advantage of the beautiful weather!  


Juliana Littley

Lafayette '23

I’m from Yardley, PA and I’m an Economics and Psychology double major. I love to bake, workout, and spend time with my friends.
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