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The Best Places to Find Coffee on College Hill!

Fellow caffeine addicts, listen up. While Lafayette is a small campus, there are quite a few places in Easton where you can get your coffee fix. After a year at Lafayette, I’ve come up with a review of the top places to find coffee on College Hill.


The salted Caramel iced coffee from Mojo


  1. Mojo 516 Cafe

Located right off of Lafayette’s campus, Mojo 516 Cafe is my favorite place for a flavored iced coffee. My personal favorite is the Grasshopper (mocha plus mint,) but the caramel iced coffee is popular as well. Mojo employees know how to customize a coffee to each customer’s liking, always asking if you need room for milk and how sweet you would like it. Price-wise, a small flavored iced coffee from Mojo is $3.25, which is super reasonable (and they take Pard Dollars!) While you’re there, make sure to check out Mojo’s breakfast sandwiches, paninis, and smoothies— all of which I consider to be some of the best food on College Hill! 

The iced mocha from Cosmic


  1. Cosmic Cup

If you’re tired of Mojo’s iced coffee, try Cosmic Cup (located right next door) for something different. I personally love their iced mocha, which has a much creamier flavor than your typical iced coffee. It is a bit more expensive than Mojo, but never fear, Cosmic takes Pard Dollars too. I often hear about Cosmic’s iced vanilla latte, which fellow HC Lafayette member Lauren Gerber describes as, “so much better than Mojo, just so much sweeter.” I guess it just depends on personal preference! 



  1. Wawa 

Wawa is the place for everything. If you’re not from New Jersey, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, chances are you’d never heard of Wawa before coming here—and for that, I’m truly sorry. I would recommend that you try their salted caramel iced coffee— it’s definitely my favorite! Wawa also has amazing frappuccinos (I promise they’re worth the calories!) and various types of hot coffee. Watch out when Wawa’s one dollar coffee deal comes around—you can fill up any size coffee cup for one dollar, which can be a lifesaver!


  1. Skillman Cafe

If you don’t feel like walking far to get your coffee fix, there’s always Skillman Cafe. Skillman serves Starbucks coffee, and while it is on the expensive side, they have the nicest staff! Remember—you can get a plain iced or hot coffee (and lunch) with a meal swipe as long as it is between the hours of 12 and 1! Sitting in Skillman Cafe with a Starbucks coffee is one of my favorite places to do schoolwork.


There are so many places to find coffee right here at Lafayette. Go out and try them all!

Grace Pasco

Lafayette '22

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