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5 Reasons I’m Already Excited for the Fall Semester

This semester has been endless. While I am super excited for some time off this summer (who knows how much with an internship), I am also pumped to get back to school in the fall. This year I have been fully remote. While many of my peers returned to school in January I stayed home. Thus, it would be accurate to say that I am a little extra excited to get back to the Lafayette Campus. Here is what I am most looking forward to!1. Seeing my Friends Throughout the first ¾ I met a lot of new people and friends through classes, my dorm, the hockey team, my job, and Her Campus. In March of 2020, we were abruptly ripped apart from these newfound connections. I am excited to get back in person to reconnect with some of these friends as well as meet all the wonderful people that I was introduced to via Zoom this semester. 2. The FoodThe food at Lafayette is surprisingly good for college food. While I have enjoyed being able to cook for myself, it will be a nice change of pace and flavor to be cooked for and not have to do the dishes. 3. The FreedomHands down, the best part of college is the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. Living alone is just the next step into adulthood. 4. In-Person Classes
While this is incredibly nerdy to admit, I miss in-person classes. I look forwards to discussing with my peers without having to worry about unmuting yourself, talking over others, or spotty internet connection. 5. New OpportunitiesBeing on campus opens the door to so many opportunities. I cannot wait to see what the next two years at Lafayette will bring for me.I hope you are as excited as I am for school next fall. See you then!
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