You Can Draw!

Whenever I tell someone I like to draw I always get two types of answers: “Oh, I like to do art too!!” “I wish I could draw. I can only do stick figures.” If your answer is #1 then, you go girl! Keep making beautiful things! Now if your answer is #2 then this article is for you. 

Those of you who know me personally, know that I love art. I am not trying to brag but I have been in some competitions for it and have a little side business going on. Most would assume I was born with this gift like how most people would assume artists are but I am here to let you on a little secret all artists have. We weren’t born with it. We didn’t pick up a crayon and become Da Vinci. We didn’t pick up a brush and become Van Gogh. We just picked up a pencil and drew. No matter how bad it was we continued to draw. We went through that awkward looking drawing phase where we could barely draw a circle, I know I did. 

I can already hear the comments of, “But I can only draw stick figures!”  And that’s okay! Stick figures are amazing because that is where we all start, literally. My art started from a scribble on my "Name Poster" in kindergarten because I noticed Anthony in my class could draw a stick figure family and I didn’t want him to hog all the attention. That scribble became stick figures and those stick figures one day became what I draw today. We all have to start somewhere.



My biggest tip for all of you and most likely what any other artist will tell you: PRACTICE!! I cannot stress that enough. I practiced years upon years. I found some of my old drawings from the fifth grade and it took me everything not to burn them because they were just that bad. This advice applies to anything you do. Practice does not make perfect, but it creates growth and that’s what any artist strives for. Your art doesn't need to be perfect all that matters is progress. Another piece of advice for you, never compare yourself to another artist. They may have been doing this for years and you are barely starting out. It is unfair to yourself and will only cause you to feel down. Focus on your art and no one else's. Of course, it is fine to be inspired or look up to another artist but never compare. That artist was once where you were they just have been traveling for a little longer than you have.


You practicing how to draw can branch out into other different fun mediums. There are so many you can try out and you can grow to love such as watercolor, digital art, acrylic, oil, makeup, fashion. Drawing can spark so much creativity within you and cause you to discover so much within yourself. So pick up a pencil and paper and get to it! Draw whatever you like! Look up some drawing videos and see what you learn! It all starts with you just lifting up that pencil and trying.