Traveling with HC Survival Kits

There’s something particularly exciting about summer vacations. You finished school, you got through the semester, it's time for a break!

Summer vacations have been enshrined as an average family's summer bonding time or getaway plan. It's the smell of fresh air, a hint of sunburn, the sound of sizzling meat on the grill, music blasting out of the car. It's everything summer. We wait for summer!

But the pain of summer traveling essentials has got you reconsidering your summer travel plans. We are here to help you with that.

With or without some essential traveling items, we are here to suggest or offer you at least some in your carry-on bag. When the summer airline costs increase while your wallet cries, we are here to help!

Don't know about you, but our summer survival kit will sure provide you with some essential goodies for your carry-on bag. This includes: water bottle holders, deodorant, toothbrush holders, a book, cleansing wipes and an eyebrow fixer.

For Your On-the-go Showering Needs

Remember you will sweat. In California, it's a desert in the summer. Preparing for the 90+ degree weather is essential in planning your trip. You can't travel with smelly odors with you, right?! The Simply Summer's Eve Gentle Foaming Wash or Simple Summer's Eve Cleasning Cloths  will give you a feeling of freshness while on-the-go. Use the foaming wash in the shower when you can. The cleansing cloths will wipe away an odor-causing bacteria, throw in your backpack for the purpose of staying carefree and fresh! 


The Invisible Smell

Yes, it's a secret. Your smelly armpits should stay a secret. The perfect brand and the perfect product to keep a secret. Hey, it's even called secret! Secret's new Fresh Invisible Solid lasts 48 ours and comes in 11 fragances. The "cool waterlily" is the scent we have but you are welcome to try more. 


Train your Brain Over Summer

A summer book can do the job of keeping your brain working. Although it is summer break, don't get into "break" mode too much. Remember summer break is only 2-3 months! . White Fur by Jardine Libaire is the colorful book you need to take on-the-go. With the setting in 1980s New York City, you really get set in the glitz and glam mode of summer. It is the representation of a true adventure as the main characters explore, fall in love, and learn. 


Clean Toothbrush, Healthy Smile

This Steripod clip-on toothbrush protector will partner with your toothbrush as their best friend. Being clean and safe, even with your toothbrush is important! It's essential for adventures and for a good morning wake up. The case lets you take your toothbrush in a bag and still remain clean. 


Good Brows, Great Adventures 

If you have nightmares at night and tend to roll around during sleep, your eyebrows may be messy when you wake up. Much like myself, the Essence Cosmetics Eyebrow Designer is an eyebrow pencil and brush, all in one! The wax pencil gets your hairs in check. 


Now I think it's time to pack your bags...with these essentials, you have enough time to work on yourself but also explore your summer plans by smelling great and feeling lovely.