Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is the newest black comedy from Martin McDonagh, that has been released just in time for oscar season. Three Billboards is a refreshing unpredictable story of a grieving mother who calls out the town of Ebbing's Chief of Police and Department for the unsolved murder of her daughter. What is a truly dark concept is turned into a touching, surreal and romp of a black comedy that deals with tragedy, racism, character arcs, and morality all in the film's fast flowing 115 minute run time.

The film's unpredictability and it's amazing performances makes this one an instant classic with it's tremendous dialogue delivered by an all star cast. Frances McDormand is electric as a grieving but foul mouthed mother hell bent on finding answers of her daughter's unsolved crime. Woody Harrelson is sympathetic as the police chief with a dark secret who feels shocked by the blame being placed on him through these billboards, and Sam Rockwell is oscar-worthy as a racist, drunk cop who has the film's most surprising arc. This is the type of film that is more than anything, a character study and how our expectations and outlook on life can change through our experiences with different people. Relationships can change, life can begin and abruptly end. You can't predict it. No one can. 


This film gets an A.