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Talking business with Delta Sigma Pi

From left: Sylvia Trinh, president; Jonathon Truong, Vice President; Joel Sierra, webmaster and historian

A new set of Greek letters is colonizing on the La Verne campus with Delta Sigma Pi. This professional business fraternity is open to any business majors on campus.

“With normal Greek life on campus, those are considered social fraternities and sororities so those are a really great place to meet people and network with a lot of different kinds of people. With Delta Sigma Pi, we are a coed professional business fraternity, so males and females that connect to like-minded individuals,” said Joel Sierra, historian and Webmaster for the colony.

The Lambda Beta Phi colony of Delta Sigma Pi started by a few very dedicated people who wanted to bring something new to campus. Other campuses built up support for the colony at LV and the administration got on board for supporting Delta Sigma Pi. They then petitioned to the nationals of the organization who then helped them to become a colony, which will be official later on this year.

Delta Sigma Pi will hold different events for all of the campus community as well as travel off campus together for field trips to get into the business mindset.

“Throughout the semester we are going to be throwing a lot of different events, we will be doing professional events that will be open to the entire campus like resume workshops, club fairs, job fairs and others,” Sierra said.

The organization aims to bring students of the same major together in order to foster a business-learning environment that supports networking, but at the same time serves as fun for its members.

“Every college student wants to be successful and we want to have our classes and have our fun, but we want to find that weird middle point where you do both at the same time and this is our chance to build connections,” Sierra said.

The novelty of this group on campus gives students the opportunity to be in the founding class of a potentially large group on campus.

“Do you want to join something or do you want to start something? If you want to start something come be a member of Delta Sigma Pi,” Sierra said.

Delta Sigma Pi’s Lambda Beta Phi colony has the goal of being initiated by the fall of 2014. For more information contact Joel Sierra at joel.sierra@laverne.edu or Sylvia Trinh, president, at sylvia.trinh@laverne.edu

Kellie Galentine is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is a campus correspondent for Her Campus at La Verne and is one of the founders of her campus' chapter. Kellie is also a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.
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