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1. Beach

Any beach nearby. Take the bus instead of a car or even carpool. Don’t pay for parking instead just park and walk to the beach.

2. Park

Go to your local park and paly tag or throw a ball around. Get active.

3. Pool

Go to your local pool or find a friend who has a pool. Tell them you will bring some drinks of non-alocholic drinks of course. You are on a budget remember.

4. Parties / backyard barbeques

Go find a family party or a friend party to have fun! Eat all the food and stuff yourself (because it’s free, duh!).

Some more tips for being on a budget this summer:

  • Find a cheap transportation–take the bus or use a bike, skateboard, or even walk. Walking helps the environment and it also helps you keep that summer body.
  • Skip that fancy dinner or drink. Just have fun staying home and playing video games.
  • Go grow things in your yard or go play something outside. Be active this summer and have fun!
I am an English major at the University of La Verne. I want to learn about the world and share to other about the world as well. I know what I want in life and strive to make my dreams come true.
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