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Stressing for Finals: She Can’t Relate

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

Picture this: it’s finals week, the most dreaded week in your college career. The library is filled, the local coffee shop is in a frenzy, and your friends are crammed in their dorms with a pen behind their ear and their studying modes on. You hear clamor in the hallways and in classes, your peers bragging about a fifty page paper due tomorrow, which they haven’t started. Everything sounds familar, right? Wrong. 

While some of us are spending the few last days before finals reminiscing on the better times we’ve had this semester, it’s fair to say every student is dreading for the coming storm of late night studying, procrastinating, and the coffee frenzy. However, I’ve found a person who doesn’t have to face the dreadful, all consuming week of finals. Autumn Simon, a senior Journalism major at the University of La Verne, claims to have never had the problem of finals week. 

If you haven’t taken finals, are dreading them, and are currently procrastinating (surfing on the internet and avoiding starting your work over in an attempt to avoid starting/finishing your work when you should be studying, etc.): then you know, finals week is here. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones – and I mean, the lucky ones – the ones who don’t need to face finals week and are questioning why your friends and peers are running on a mixture of inadequate sleep, desperately attempting to finish the week, having late night crying sessions…then my main piece of advice is pray for those who are struggling and support those who are falling behind. 

Autumn had shared the same fears as she wondered about the intensity of finals week. “When I first began college my freshman year, I as beyond nervous for finals. All high school I was told that college finals were going to consist of essays and difficult short answer questions. Approaching Finals week, was a freshman’s worst nightmare. However, being at La Verne, I noticed that it was a Journalism major’s vacation. My finals consisted of projects and stories that are due two weeks prior to Finals Week.”

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How did it feel? 

Projects and stories due two weeks prior to Finals Week doesn’t sound all glamorous – however, Autumn shared her own views on how “it was weird and it felt uncomfortable.” The difference was, while students in other majors suffered finals week, her major in Journalism had its perks. 

What did you do during Finals Week? 

“As students stressed in the libraries with their notes, laptops and coffee; I was taking a trip to Disneyland and doing extra credit with all of my free time. “

Was there any time used to prep for Finals Week? 

“I never had to spend extra time in the library prepping.”


To my astonishment, the University of La Verne journalism majors don’t have it easy – however, they do have it simpler during Finals week. This is not discrediting the way the department gives finals or tests to Journalism majors, but it sure seems great during Finals. 

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