Stages of Finals Week Explained with Gifs

After months of grueling hard work, your success or failure depends on your success during finals week. The success or failure of 20-30% of your final grade depends on this week. Maybe you haven't slept well in a week and you are thinking of your final project or exam every grueling moment. We understand. Here are some feelings we think would relate to college students during finals week. 

You want to hide.

You have weird cravings.

You know how much you need to do but still procrastinate. 

You ask your friends how to study with you but no one knows how for some reason. 

And After finals week..

Luckily, you feel smart and accomplished after the week is over.

We understand this week of total chaos and mixed emotions. Reminder to keep your head up and stay focused (with occasional emotion tantrums). Ultimately, it's a week you will feel accomplished and a week closer to graduation! 


Happy finals everyone!