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When most people think of Spring Break for college students, their minds automatically draw towards a tropical vacation spot to places such as Cancún or Puerto Vallarta.

Now, if you have the luxury of visiting these vacation spots during your Spring Break, more power to you!

Unfortunately, not all of us have that same luxury.

You see, between paying for our tuition, books, and meal plans, many of us college students are B-R-O-K-E.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, however I’m sure there are still a few college students who feel pressured to go all out for Spring Break like many of our peers do.

If you’re a broke college student like myself, here are a few tips to enjoy your Spring Break on a budget:

  1. Picnic at the park

    A picnic is cheap and affordable because you can prepare food from home. You get to go out in nature, so you’re not limited with time. and can leave whenever you please. You’re most likely going to be with friends or family which automatically makes the picnic more enjoyable in itself.


  2. Hiking

    When hiking you can enjoy being in nature and exercising! Exercise is always a plus. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery that comes along with hiking too while breathing in fresh air!


  3. Go to a museum

    Immerse yourself with knowledge about interesting artifacts from all over to engage your mind and to spark the creative nature within yourself.


  4. Camping

    Again, enjoying the outdoors can really help one unwind after the torturous amount of school work and midterms.


  5. Go to a fair

    Try to find a fair or festival of any kind in your city or a neighborhood near you and enjoy the rides while indulging in unhealthy fair food! Treat yo’ self! (You’re on vacation after all.)

  6. Have a day by the water

    You don’t have to travel across the globe to enjoy a day near the shore! Instead, you can go to the closest beach or lake and enjoy your dose of H2O under the sun.



At the end of the day, Spring Break gives us, as students, the opportunity to relax while taking our minds off school work for a second. So, whatever you decide to do during your Spring Break, make sure you enjoy yourself.


Have a fantastic Spring Break!


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