Shopping Tips from a Spring Shopholic

It's spring. Often known as allergy season, it's shopping season for me. The sales happen year long but spring trends and summer dresses tend to scream my name when I pass by local boutiques, shopping malls and thrift stores. Even grocery stores real me in for my money. It's the summer colors, sales signs, and bright lights that I can't resist. 

Dear Spring, 

Stop making me shop!

If you're reading this, you are probably expecting shopping tips, so I'll give you that. Although I shop excessively during spring, I know what to look for before entering a store. I'll be going over online shopping and outside shopping. 

(Fun Fact: did you know giant stores like Macy's, JCpenny's, and Nordstorm, etc. are closing down their stores?!) I hope they are not going bankrupt! My guess is the convenience of shopping online.


Anyways, on to online shopping. 

1. When you're about to purchase something online, think. There are so many online coupons you can find! Take 2 minutes searching for "(your online shopping store)'s coupon" on google. Some sites for coupons are:

It won't hurt to look. From personal experience, I find coupons about 80% of the time. 

2. Another tip: right when you enter (your online shopping store), go to the sale section. Why? Because deals, deals, deals! I've shopped on forever21 plenty of times and if I just wait to purchase an item and monitor the item every week, and the price goes down most of the time. 

3. There are so many deals going on for the spring season. I see Instagram advertisements for "become a VIP member and BUY ONE GET ONE FREE work-out leggings" or "exclusive offer if you shop RIGHT NOW." 

Look out for those deals because you just might miss it the next time. 


Now, onto outside shopping: 

1. Don't enter a store just for a "sales" sign. Take a peak outside the displays of the store and see if you like it first. Don't get sucked in because you might just leave with a sales item you don't necessarily want. I learned my lesson. 

2. When you are in the store, again, just like online shopping, go to the sales section. You don't always have to splurge on an in-season item. Your fashion is your fashion, it doesn't need to be "on trend." As long as you like it, get it. 

Going to the sales section is always my favorite method to find something. After a hard look, I'll give the regular priced items a chance. I mean, I am a college student.


That was my tips for shopping in the spring season!