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Relax With a LUSH Spa Day at Home

College is demanding not only on our minds, but also on our bodies and souls. Sometimes, taking an evening off, away from papers and emails, is all that we need to get a quick restart to our systems. A great way to take a step back is to indulge in a mini-spa night in your very own bathroom.

Recently, LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics made its way into my local mall. With their fragrant bath bombs and facemasks going for a mostly inexpensive rate there is no better place to get all the ingredients needed to take a mini-vacation into a land of personal TLC. With the help of LUSH’s awesome products I tested out what a spa night could look like for you!

1. BB Seaweed Face Mask $6.95 at LUSH

I started out my spa night by washing a long day’s worth of makeup off my face and using with my normal cleanser. Then I grabbed LUSH’s BB Seaweed facemask packed with fresh seaweed, olive oil and almonds formulated especially for sensitive skin. This mask is so fresh it must be stored in the fridge and has an expiration date (I got mine as a free sample because it was about to expire). Chunks of seaweed were actually in the mask and after 10 to 15 minutes I rinsed it off with warm water.  My skin was left feeling shiny and smooth and the next morning still felt very soft!

2. Pink Bath Bomb $4.95 at LUSH

While I spread the mask over my face, I had the bathtub filling with steamy water. I placed the Pink Bath Bomb under the running facet and watched the bath water turn bright pink as little hearts and flowers spewed from the bath bomb. Bubbles filled the tub as a sweet floral vanilla smell radiated through the bathroom. The bathwater felt silky smooth and I sank beneath the warm water feeling the stress of the week dissolve into the tub.

3. D’Fluff $9.95 for 2.4 oz. at LUSH

A victim to the frequent nick while shaving my legs, I was thrilled to see D’Fluff while shopping for my spa evening. D’Fluff is made out of strawberries, egg whites and golden syrup creating a shaving soap that helps to leave legs feeling soft. After shaving, I used my favorite cocoa butter I noticed a much smoother shave but unfortunately, I still nicked my leg a bit. Old habits die-hard!

4. Big Solid Conditioner $9.95 at LUSH

My hair is naturally thick, voluminous and wavy—thanks mom and dad—and I am always looking for new hair care products to help keep it healthy. I was intrigued by the Big Solid Conditioner and was sent home with a free sample size chunk. With a coconut oil base, lemon juice and vanilla absolute the Big Solid Conditioner smells great and breaks down in warm water to smooth over hair. It left my hair feeling a little more tacky then I am used to when I rinsed it out, but when it dried I definitely noticed some extra shine. Overall, I might not buy this product again but it was a fun experiment with a new conditioner.

5. Bubblegum Lip Scrub $9.95 at LUSH

To polish off my evening of LUSH relaxation, I exfoliated my lips with Bubblegum Lip Scrub. Once I had it on, I used my finger to scrub it all over my lips. Since it is natural and made out of Fair Trade sugar, you can lick off the excess and it tasted just like sweet bubblegum! Then, I finished it off with some lip balm and my lips felt clean and smooth!

Taking a break for the evening helped me to reduce my stress and calm my nerves. Trying something new by using LUSH products made it extra fun, but these remedies can be easily replicated with at home recipes or products from the local drugstore. Don’t forget to make a calming playlist and enjoy your evening of relaxation! 

Kellie Galentine can be reached at kelliegalentine@hercampus.com or on Twitter @kellie_gal

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Kellie Galentine is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is a campus correspondent for Her Campus at La Verne and is one of the founders of her campus' chapter. Kellie is also a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.
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