Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One is a dazzling spectacle that blends style with substance without ever losing focus on what's important. The world building in Ready Player One is absolutely interesting and full of fantastic sequences that isn't just noise but instead invites the audience into a world where anything is possible. It's an entertaining go-around from start to finish that relishes in every sequence in which a universe or reference can be help upon to further drive the atmosphere of the gaming universe presented.



Tye Sheridan shows once again how promising he is as a young actor and the supporting cast shines as well. Spielberg once again makes a film that will last in our memories in terms of the technical and visual achievements done. The weakness in the film lies in some of the story elements which sometimes get forgotten or glossed over in favor of explosions and car chases. However, just the right amount of balance is created to make a fun, memorable ride that is enjoyable from start to finish.



See this in IMAX or on the biggest screen possible. Ready Player One is the ultimate theatrical experience. The nostalgia will blow you away and the 80's purism of in your face spectacles will shine through the hearts of many.