Presents for Your S.O. That Are Secretly For Yourself

Don't know what to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? How about getting something for him and you? 

From chocolate sweets to momentos, take a stress of the Valentine's Day gift shopping with these useful and shareable gifts for him and you! This anything-but-mushy present ideas are not too far overboard, but a great way to spend time and share new memories! Because, you deserve a present too. 

An unisex sweater you’re definitely.. not going to steal, you promise.

An emergency snack pack to stock his drawer, for your grabs and his!

A blanket for comfort and cuddles.

If your boy likes cooking, share a grocery bag to shop together! Don't buy anymore plastic bags. 

Thinking about breakfast in bed? Get a tray for the perfect way to hint at him for making you breakfast..

To add some "spice" into the relationship, how about some siracha packets for flavor? Get a 50 pack for less than $12 on amazon! 

Enough struggling with what he wants, get something for the both of you!