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Preparing for Galentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I notice myself surrounded by obnoxious red and pink decorations, oversized stuff animals that I secretly obsess over and overdramatic couples who act like they do not love each other all year round. The chaos is overwhelming and is a friendly reminder of being a single lady during the most romantic time of the year. Great! In order to avoid the Valentine’s Day depression, my best friend and I decided that we are going to celebrate Galentine’s Day for the first time. Galentine’s Day was made popular by Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler). Knope briefly defines Galentine’s Day as “Ladies celebrating ladies.” 

Watching this fan favorite episode, I laughed and realized how brilliant the message was. However, I was never brave enough to take it on. This year my best friend and I are going through our first time being single during the “worst time to be single” holiday. We both complained on the phone how things were not going our way and then I questioned “Wow is Valentine’s Day really all that?” I appreciate the holiday, but how do I appreciate a holiday that excludes being happy and single. At that moment we decided to take Knope’s steps and try to participate in our own Galentine’s Day.

Step 1. Get your “gals” in Galentine’s Day

Find your best friend, girlfriend, close cousin, sister or even your favorite acquaintance at work that you were meaning to hang out with sometime outside of a work setting. Even grab your best friends, both single and in a relationship, and clear your schedules for February 13th.

Step 2. Remember this is a day celebration

Make enough time out of your day to celebrate you and your girls. You often don’t get a day to do whatever you want with your favorite group of people, so I advise you to cherish it. Use that day to indulge and relax.



Step 3. Make ideas on what to do

 The way my friend and I decided to handle this was to have both of us make a list of six things to do for our day. I tried to include three things that I have done or normally do and another three things that I haven’t tried before. We also decided to add a little bonus experience that is themed for winning free food for being single (aka Hooters free wings deal). Because Galentine’s Day is a day event make sure you plan it to complete your full day. For example, maybe start off your day with a ladies’ brunch and end it with a movie night or sleepover.

Step 4. Do your research

Due to the popularity of Valentine’s Day expect a lot of places to be extremely crowded. Movies, restaurants, malls and concerts. Wherever your gals and you decide to go make sure you make reservations. Also don’t forget to do your research on the places you guys want to go. A lot of places have Groupons and deals for the day and the cheaper route I always the better route.

Step 5. Making final plans

The day is almost coming up so make sure if you have reservations that they are confirmed. Go over times and prepare for your gals day. Buy everything you need for your fun day from movies to snacks. Also treat your girls with little Galentine’s Day gift. This can be chocolate, wine or even flowers.


Step 6. Enjoy your Galentine’s Day

Relax and celebrate your companionship. Appreciate your womanhood by buying each other gifts and proving that you don’t need a man to be happy. Laugh, cry, vent and enjoy each other’s company. Have a great Galentine’s Day and never underestimate the need of an appreciation for our girlfriends. 

Autumn Simon is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is an aspiring publicist. She is a movie junkie and is interested in all things Disney. While she isn't in class she is multicultural chair on the Campus Activity Board, publicist of Shades of Essence, a part time Cast Member at Disneyland, a writer for La Vouge and a writer for the campus' magazine and newspaper.
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