Music Festival Musts

April has finally arrived, bringing sunshine, flowers and the start of a new spring season. Which can only mean one thing: festivals. Almost every conversation overheard on campus is about tickets, camping and planning for festival weekends. So, how well prepared are you for the upcoming festivities? Whether you’re heading to Coachella, or sliding on those cowboy boots for Stagecoach, you’re going to need a few essentials.

Let’s start with Coachella. If you are going for the classic hippie chic look, a headpiece is a must. Flower crowns are always a hit when it comes to festivals, but you can also spice things up with a bohemian head chain.

Check out flower crowns and head chains from like this $12 one: 

Of course, some of the must haves are floral crop tops paired with high-waist shorts. But, a new style breaking out this spring are flowing dresses and kimonos over shorts and a tank. H&M has a selection of kimonos like this one that can tie old shorts and a tank into a music festival ready ensemble. 

Lastly, if you’re going to Stagecoach, anything said above is a logical choice for the event (minus the headpieces), but why not keep it simple? You can never go wrong with a pair of Daisy Dukes, cowboy boots and a shirt that says “Merica” printed loud and clear. Forever 21 has low price options for America looks like this $12.95 Stars & Stripes Burnout Tank

The fact is, at Stagecoach you can never go wrong as long as you keep it country. Don't forget your cowboys kicks and hat! 

You can get Coachella and Stagecoach must-haves on almost any online shopping site such as, and of course Forever 21 or H&M among others. Now before it’s too late, get shopping!

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