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Movie Review Round Up : Lego Batman, Fifty Shades, and John Wick 2

The week of February 10th had huge surprises and phenomenal failures! Let’s round up and grade these 3 releases!


The Lego Batman Movie : 

Fresh off of the massive hit The Lego Movie, Warner Brothers Animated Group follow it up with a spin-off character Lego-Batman. This is a refreshing and delightfully heartfelt comedy with jokes routinley poking fun at the history of Batman in film, television and pop culture. The laughs just kept coming, and the voice acting talents of Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, Zack Galifianakis and others are just outstanding and give more identity to this comedy. It’s not just a film for kids, but for any fan of pop culture jokes and of course, Batman. In fact, this is the type of film where teens and adults might actually find themselves enjoying it more because of just how many nostalgic points they poke fun at. It’s funny, exciting, beautifully animated and takes time to build its central character in a unique way throughout the fil. The Lego Batman movie is a must-see! 

Grade: A



Fifty Shades Darker Review:

Trash… Trash… and more Trash. There is a reason why some filmmakers hate Hollywood and it’s because they make easy cash grabs like this by adapting crappy novels into an even crappier film. The acting is attrocious, the story is neither interesting nor engaging, and it doesn’t even help that the main characters in the film have horrific chemistry and are terrible in their paycheck roles. There’s nothing to like about this film that imposes borderline rape and non-consensual sex that is supposed to be entertaining but instead is just cringy and stupid. More power to you if you like these kind of movies, but if you wanna pay to see two people be bad actors while having hardcore sex, go online or something. It’s probably even better quality and better yet, free and didn’t cost millions to make. 

Grade : F


John Wick : Chapter 2 Review

Keanu Reeves returns as John Wick as he’s hunted down by other assassins. It’s a fun, exhilarating 2 hour shoot-fest that mixes the stylized with the gritty. Reeves is once again great as the titular role, providing cheesiness but a very badass tone reminiscent of his first Matrix film performance. The action sequences are fantastic and well-choreographed and the sound and film editing are technical achievements worthy of praise. What John Wick does so well that other action movies don’t is that it’s able to not shoot itself in the foot with boring subplots or undeveloped chemistry/romance. It instead has a forward storyline that prepares you for the ride along the way. 

Grade: A-


I love reading, writing and especially watching films :) Movies and writing about them inspire to dream beyond reality :)
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