Meet Lauren!

Hello! My name is Lauren Miranda. I am an 18 year old freshman attending the University of La Verne and I am studying Anthropology. I hope to one day work at a museum or somewhere abroad. My life is not really planned out but I just like going with the flow.  I am from Downey, California but I originally grew up in Compton. I come from a long line of Mexican artists which is why I love anything having to do with art. I paint, draw, animate, and design! I have actually been in an art show called Viva La Muxer and I competed in a pin design competition that I won gold regionally. 

A lot  of my other hobbies don’t really involve art but I still enjoy doing them. I kayak, fish, hike, dirt bike, play the guitar, read, and I am a dessert connoisseur (not really, I just have a bad sweet tooth).

My best friends are my dogs who I have a tendency to make costumes which is why they probably hate me.

One of my favorite things to do is travel. So far I have been to Brussels, Brugge, Paris, London, Florence, Milan, and Rome. I honestly love learning new things and meeting new people.


Until next time!