La Verne's Fantastic Four: Places to Go



Getting familiar with the area around your school can be difficult when you split your time between school, work, and sleep. However, sooner or later you will want to go other places besides the library and the dining hall. Here are some popular local spots in the La Verne area for those of you who are ballin’ on a budget but still want to have a good time.


4. D Street, La Verne

Challenge yourself to venture past Davenport, Barbs and the franchises on Foothill . On La Verne’s D Street right off of campus you can find a wide variety of things such as Greek food, sushi, Boba, self serve yogurt, wings, and pizza. Beyond the food, there is a hair salon, a spa, and even a stylish boho boutique can all be found here. There is even a farmers market where vendors bring the deals to you on Saturdays from 8 AM-1 PM and showcase items like produce, food, and handmade goods.Get out there and explore, support, and enjoy the local businesses that La Verne has to offer!


3 . Mission Tiki Drive in

Pack up your car with snacks, blankets, pillows, and make the short drive to Montclair for the drive in movie experience of a lifetime. Prices are comparable and occasionally less than a traditional movie theater, all without leaving the comfort of your car. The Mission Tiki Drive In offers the “brightest and best digital projectors on the planet!” They even have a snack bar and provide customers with coupons. If you don't feel like going to a drive in movie quite yet, you can check out their venue during their swap meet, Wednesday through Sunday from 6 AM - 2 PM.


2. Rockin Jump, San Dimas

If you have yet to visit a trampoline park, put this place at the top of your list! It is a high energy space where you and your friends can go to relieve stress, get your cardio in, all while having a blast. In addition to the traditional open jump arena, there is also a dodgeball cage, X beam, and foam pit. Rates range from a half hour jump time and up, however there are promotional days where you pay a discounted rate for two hours and they bring in lights and a DJ. You even get a pair of sticky socks to wear while you're jumping to make sure you don't slip.


1.  The Claremont Packing House

Similar to the Anaheim Packing District and much closer to La Verne, the Claremont Packing House has a great variety of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, and numerous places to grab dessert. Aside from the food, there are boutiques antique stores, and Jazz and art showcases. On the slight chance that nothing inside the Packing House catches your attention, it doesn't stop there. The Claremont Village, which is within walking distance surrounding the Packing House, has more than 50 boutiques, 40 eateries and cafes, and special seasonal events all year..  The Claremont Village has something for everyone… yes, even a Fondue Lounge. So, what is the best part? You don't need a car to get there - all you need to do is pick up your free student Foothill Transit Pass and catch a route!