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About a month ago Netflix announced its last of the Marvel series cancellations after the Season 2 premiere of The Punisher and it really hurt all of us diehard Marvel-Netflix fans. :(

It all began with Iron Fist after 2 not so great seasons, then Luke Cage after 2 seasons as well (with a strong season 1 and a cringy asf season 2), then Daredevil after a phenomenal 3 seasons, and finally with The Punisher and Jessica Jones both of which were absolutely awesome. 

Season 3 of Jessica Jones is still expected to premiere later this year. 


So why did Netflix cancel these pretty awesome shows?

We were never given an explanation as to why our beloved shows were hacked so suddenly, but with Disney soon to release its new streaming service we can safely concluded that this new streaming service is the cause of all our sorrows. 

Another reason for these cancellations may have to do with the number of viewers. According to multiple sources the number of viewers of these series were slightly decreasing from season to season, not enough to cancel the shows, yet a lot of the viewers were also assumed to be streaming other Netflix Originals, meaning that there was not a sizable amount of viewers coming to Netflix to solely watch the Marvel-Netflix series. 

Back to Disney+ Streaming


Disney+ is due to launch in late 2019 and it already has some Marvel related shows. It has been confirmed that a show about Loki (YES Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as the God of Mischief!) is in the works and there has also been rumors that a show surrounding the Scarlet Witch and Vison will be released through the service. Rumors have also been floating around that the Marvel-Netflix shows were hacked in order to revive them on Disney+, yet for now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best.

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