Integrated Business Program: H2Go Pack

The University of La Verne offers a Integrated Business Program, a program unlike any other Business School, as it offers real-life and hands-on experience to students in how to run a business.

The program has approximately five groups of students donating to charities, having all the profits of the business be donated to their selected charity organizations. 

Business students participating in the program evoke on a journey to start their own business, using products from other companies and rebranding it for their own. In order to start, they develop their own 60 page business plan and are faced with real life scenarios in starting a business. For example, they would present their plan to a bank to secure a loan and split tasks and positions, similar to a real company. The program lasts semester-long in the Spring or Fall, in which the groups spend the time selling the product while developing their own business.

College of Business and Public Management Associate Dean, Rita Thakur had sold a particular student during "Spotlight Weekend," one of La Verne's well-known recruitment weekends for high school seniors. Kassandra had met with Rita Thakur, whom sold Kassandra about the business program. "The program is a hands-on experience of what small business owners has to go through and since I plan to own my own business one day, it has taught me so much about the everyday struggle business owners have to go through," said Kassandra.

An interview with Kassandra Aguilar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of her business, H2Go Pack, highlighted key elements of her experience and her product. 

Picture includes: Kassandra Aguilara, Junming Su, Yaner Dai, Jessika Chani, Melissa Carrol, Joshua De La Victoria, and Nicholas Franco

What is the program? What is the program like? 

"The main reasons I came to La Verne was because of the Integrated Business Program," said Kassandra. The program teaches various disciplines a regular company would: to market a company, sell products, etc. 

What is your product? Why did your team choose this product? 

The company is called H2Go Pack, providing hydration backpacks. Comes with a variety of social mediums, including a website, facebook page, and instagram. The purpose of choosing this product was to cater to the practicality aspect and something "out of the ordinary." "We also wanted to do something that would be useful for the time of the year we are selling. Since we started after the New Year, we thought about the health conscious market who amde a revolution to be active and healthy," Kassandra said. Their mission seeks to help adventures and for individuals to live a healthy, hydrated, and happy life. The product holds up to 2 liters of water and works like a backpack. 

How is the workload with school, work, and the program? Do you recommend it to others? 

"It can be overwhelming at times trying to balance school, work, and extra curriculars, but you learn so much about yourself and what you're passionate about. I definitely reocommend starting early."

Where do all the profits go? 

All of H2Go Pack's profits go to the American Cancer Society. "We pciked this charity because their mission aligns with ours where we want to promote health and activity in our community. The organization itself is known for 96 cents of every dollar going through to cancer patients," Kassandra said. 

How does this benefit people from all ages? 

The company strives to bring awareness for hydration during everyday activity. Whether it's going on a hike, to the beach, amusement park, or concert, hydration is extremely important for every adventurer!

We wish H2Go Pack the best of luck!