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How to Throw the Perfect Halloween Bash!

Spooky season is officially here and Halloween is just days away, that means it’s time to start planning for the perfect Halloween party and we’re here to help!


Of course this is a Halloween Party so costumes are required, but here are some different themes you could work with:

  1. Calling All the Bad Witches: Have your guests dress up as their fave witch from a movie (i.e. Hocus Pocus, The Craft) or they could just simply dress up as a witch.
  2. Entering the Upside Down: (this theme is also great if you’re having kiddos over) just have your guests dress up as the characters from the hit series, Stranger Things. If they want to get extra spooky they can dress up as Demogorgons.    
  3. Zombie Apocalypse/Welcome to the World of the Living Dead: Which of your guests will have the most convincing costume? And if zombies aren’t their thing they can always be the zombie hunters.  
  4. Heaven and Hell: Let your guests get creative with their angelic and hellish costumes.
  5. A Night in Transylvania: Get ready to welcome all your vampire friends! 


Jack-o-lanterns are a classic when it comes to Halloween decor, so don’t forget to go to your nearest pumpkin patch! Other decoration ideas can be spiders and bats, stick them on the wall or hang them from the roof, you can also put webs around your furniture to give your home a hauntingly mood, yellow caution tape can also be great as well as tombstones. Consider putting your snacks in cauldron bowels and even using them as a cooler for your drinks. Witch’s hats and pumpkins can also double as center pieces. Make sure that you have a color scheme, get decorations that are black, purple, green, orange, amd red. 

Lighting will depend on the theme you end up going with. If you do a Witch theme, consider getting Purple and Green lights. If you choose the Stranger Things theme, then you can go with red and dark blue lights you may even want to consider Christmas lights. If you choose the Zombie theme, then red and flashing lights will do. For the Heaven and Hell theme, consider white and red lights. Lastly for the Vampire theme, red lighting will do.


Of course every party need some food! You will need your staple snacks like chips and candy, but you may also want to get creative and consider themed snacks and drinks! 

Some themed snacks include: 

  • Mummy Dogs (or pigs in blankets, with mustard dots as eyes)
  • Devil Eggs (you can use olives to make them into eyes or spiders)
  • Poisoned Apples (Carmel dipped apples, in either red or black)
  • Witches Fingers (Pretzel stick dipped in chocolate to look like a Witch’s finger)

Some themed drinks include: 

I hope some of these ideas help! Wishing you all a very Spooky Halloween!

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