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How to Make the Most of Amusement Park Visits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

Last Friday, I went to Six Flags with my boyfriend, as he was redeeming his gift coupon from Valentine’s Day. I am quite a nerd and a planner, so I made sure we were ready to have the best day ever. I have compiled some key points that contributed to our success and happiness during our thrill-seeking day.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Make sure to bring sunscreen and maybe even a hat. Make sure to check the park’s policies about bringing in personal items. Six Flags doesn’t allow aerosol cans so I brought in some liquid sunscreen. Make sure to bring sunglasses as well.

Bring Your Own Food

This one is optional because some parks don’t allow food and drinks to be brought in. However, Six Flags does allow reusable water bottles to be brought in. They can be filled with water at any restaurant for free. Bringing your own food and snacks whenever possible is great to save money.

Don’t Dress to Impress

I always choose comfortability over fashion. That doesn’t mean I don’t look cute, but sometimes I end up looking like a tourist. I like to keep me hair in braids and out of my face, especially because it’s usually in the 80s when I attend. I always wear tennis shoes as well. It’s not the smartest choice to wear skirts and flip flops.

Pack Light

It’s not very fun to lug around a big backpack all day. Enough said.

Make a Plan

Research the hours of the park and decide when you want to arrive, leaving enough time for parking. Look up the map in advance and decide what rides you want to ride first (perhaps the one closest to the entrance or the ones that get the longest lines).

Bring Some Essentials

Make sure to grab a jacket because it will get cold at night or when you’re damp from a water ride. It’s also a good idea to bring a portable charger and some ibuprofen. Some wooden rides can really rattle your brain and mess with your equilibrium.

These are some easy ways to come prepared and make the most of your day at the amusement park sun up to sun down. 

I have been vegetarian/pescatarian for over 3 years. I am an aspiring yoga instructor and make acai bowls at work on my days off of school:)