How to Find an Ugly Christmas Sweater

Oh Christmas: a time for lights, decorations, presents and parties.  It has also become the one time of year anyone can get away with wearing an ugly Christmas sweater.  People dedicate entire holiday parties to the “ugly sweater,” but not all are made (or found) the same.  If you are preparing for an ugly sweater party this holiday, follow these tips to find your sweater soul mate:

1.     The sweaters we now think are “ugly” used to be in style.  For my own ugly Christmas sweater party, I wore one from my mom’s that she got back in the ‘80s.  So before you do anything, go straight to your mom or dad’s closet for a free ugly sweater.

2.     If you are crafty and have the time, making an ugly sweater can be fun and easy.  By doing it yourself, you have the freedom to look however you want: cute, whimsical, or straight-up ridiculous.


3.     Maybe your parents have no sweaters and you are bad with puffy paint and a glue gun, but do not give up.  Thrift stores should be next on your list.  There are some real gems there that need a bit of love, but do not break the bank.


4.     If you can put down a few bucks for your ugly sweater, check out Urban Outfitters, Target, and even Walmart.  Some are actually cute and you will shine at the holiday party (especially if your sweater lights up).

No matter where the sweater comes from, it should be festive.  Have fun with it and do not be afraid to get a little silly.  So rock that ugly sweater and have a safe holiday!