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Her Campus Spring Break Survival Kit

I bet these spring breakers with they had a #HCsurvivalkits.

Spring Break: words that are music to every collegeiette’s ears during the middle of the semester. The long awaited week of suntans and vacation, however, comes with trials of its own. Luckily, this break we have our #HCsurvivalkits to get us through the road trips and pool days minus mini-disasters that are always sure to occur.

1. Never fear, neuro SLEEP is here!

Spring break is hopefully sometimes filled with sleepless nights of dancing your worries away, so when it is time to get back to school getting to sleep at a decent hour can be difficult. Thanks to our sponsor neuro SLEEP, getting those z’s in has never been easier with their blend of melatonin and magnesium that will help to dream away and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning.

2. Fix that damaged hair!

Spending hours by the lake can do a lot of wear to your hair and turn it into a giant ball of frizz. With our #HCsurvivalkits all of our hair worries have disappeared because of the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth System! This system keeps hair frizz-free for a whole week! Make sure to check out their how-to videos at youtube.com/tresemme! ZOTOS also provided us with their Biotera Ultra Color Care 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner to get damaged hair back on track. One product takes place of shampoo, conditioner, deep-conditioner, leave-in detangler and shine treatment.

3. Bikini worries no more!

Whenever Spring Break comes around and everyone starts heading to the beach, there is always a certain amount of preparation that needs to be done to be bathing suit ready, if you know what I mean. This year our #HCsurvivalkits helped us out, especially with our sponsor the European Wax Center hooking up a free wax! There is also the itch to buy a new bathing suit that always comes right around spring break. Yokini Swimwear, an awesome brand that has yoga-inspired fold-over bottoms, prints school spirited designs onto bathing suits and loaded our #HCsurvivalkits with coupons.

4. Saving the world, one Bobble at a time.

Those sweaty hiking trails are always easier while keeping hydrated and it is always difficult to find a clean drinking fountain at the beach. Thanks to Bobble, not only are we drinking clean water, but we are also keeping plastic bottles out of the trash! These adorable bottles’ carbon filters work as you drink. This way you can fill up anywhere and know that the bottle is keeping chlorine and other contaminants out of the water. We love putting our HC Koozie from the #HCsurvivalkits on our Bobbles to make them look even cuter!

5. Ladies who lunch…

…at Chipotle! Who doesn’t like Chipotle? During spring break going out to eat can get expensive. Our awesome sponsor Chipotle hooked up at least one Spring Break lunch with awesome #HCsurvivalkits coupons for chips and guac as well as a free burrito! Yum! 

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Kellie Galentine is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is a campus correspondent for Her Campus at La Verne and is one of the founders of her campus' chapter. Kellie is also a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority.
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