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A Guide to Spring Break 2018

1. Beach

What’s spring break without a trip to the beach? 


2. Binge watch

We get busy. Spring break is a prefect time to cuddle up and get back to those shows we’ve been neglecting the past few months. 


3. Spring cleaning

Spring is for cleaning! Whether it be your room, your desktop, school work or your closet. A clean space is a happy space!

4. You week

Focus your attention on whichever area in your life you’ve been lacking. Whether it be school, work, volunteering, or relationships.

5. Park

Whether it be a natural or a not so natural. Aka an amusement park!! Some worth mentioning yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon, disneyland, knotts, universal and/or six flags.

6. Staycation

Play tourist in your own city! Chances are there are places you have yet to discover in your town. Whether it be a new food spot or cute boutique!

7. Road trip

A classic. All you need are good people, a tank of gas and a killer playlist.


Whatever it is you do this spring break, remember that its a break. Make sure to treat yo’ self and do whatever it is that makes your little heart happy!

Only a couple more months till summer!

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