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Frightful Black Friday


           It's Black Friday and hours have passed, but your wait is almost over. You can see from where you’re waiting that the store is stirring inside as workers hustle to get everything ready. The crowd suddenly becomes alive again as minutes are left on the countdown; mothers wake their children, fathers clean the area. Each unit goes over strategies and deals that they are most anticipating for, I hope they're ready. There's a bang as the doors open and then... all hell broke loose. A huge herd over sweeps the store, pushed forward they all begin to spread out like rats fleeing from danger, except in this case they are the danger.  

            Black Friday signifies the official start of the Christmas season and one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Thousands of American's across the U.S participate in Black Friday sales. For many, it is a time for amazing deals that you won't get anywhere else or more specifically anytime else. For others, it’s as dangerous as a battle field. Ironically occurring the day after we sit down on the day we give thanks to all that we have, we battle to the finish, or in this case checkout stand, as we gather up as much items that we can possibly fit into our carts in order to save money on Christmas shopping, among other things.

             Over the past few years, Black Friday has been creating a reputation for itself as one of the most dangerous shopping experiences you could have. It is not for the claustrophobic or the weak. Though you hope it will not occur, you are almost guaranteed to find yourself among a fist fight, tug-of-war, and in some cases, a trip to the hospital. Black Friday is a very dangerous occurrence in this country and has caused multiple injuries and even deaths. Since its start in 1924, this day of profit for retail stores has counted up over 9 deaths and over 102 injuries, according to the blackfridaydeathcount.com. Like said before, it has created a reputation.

            For those who participate in THE day of sales, I caution you… please be safe, have a game plan and PLEASE don’t get into any fights, you’ll have your turn, so there’s no need to accidently injure someone for a T.V.

 As another year passes and the infamous sale day comes to an end, I congratulate those who have succeeded in their goal and possibly finished their Christmas lists. May you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

With every picture I have ever taken and every story I have ever written, I have lived a thousand lives.
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