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EDEN: An Upcoming Artist You Should Look Into!

EDEN is a stage name that the young 22-year-old, Jonathon Ng, created for himself. He was first known as “The Eden Project” and did covers of popular music, such as the song, Crazy in Love along with some of his own music that has electronic beats mixed in with relaxed singing. His cover of Crazy in Love is a much more slowed down version of the song and while listening to this cover, you could definitely hear the pain in his and Leah Kelly’s voice. In 2015, he dropped “The Eden Project” and just went with EDEN. Many people found out about him on YouTube when some big YouTubers put his songs Drugs and Wake Up in their videos. It’s also how I personally found out about him and fell in love with his music ever since. 

His first tour, called the Futurebound Tour, was back in 2016 and many fans got the opportunity to meet him and they’ve said he’s a very sweet guy. His performance would include him playing the piano on stage, his guitar, and his mixing board. His talent shines when he performs by playing multiple instruments while creating the beats on stage. Jon has the raw talent that will amaze people whoever listen to his music live. 


EDEN recently released his first ever debut album known as Vertigo, which means that someone is feeling as though the world around them is spinning in circles and, in turn, causes dizziness. This album really brings out his potential as an artist with the meaningful lyrics and beautiful instruments in the background. You can listen to the album here on Spotify.

I highly recommend checking EDEN’s music out. He has true potential to become a big artist one day and hopefully, his music will be played on radios all over. People could connect to his music while listening to him and he has made a huge impact on many individual’s lives. 





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