The Do's and Don'ts of Thrifting

As a little girl, I despised thrift shopping with a passion. I remember my mother taking my sisters and I thrifting to a local shop, and let me tell you, when my mother would step foot in that place, she would not leave until she had covered every inch of that building.

Now that I am older, I can’t blame my mother for taking hours going through the untidy racks to find quality clothes and vintage treasures. Most of my wardrobe and closet space today is made up of thrifted items. Thrifting has saved me a great amount of money without compromising style and fashion. It has allowed me to open my mind to different generation fashion and not limit my style to modern trends.

From a thriftaholic to you, here are some dos and don'ts about thrifting.


1. Don’t: Be Grossed Out 

Thrifting is much more than buying people’s unwanted materials. It is a form of recycling, giving a new form of life to a piece of clothing, a book, vinyls, and house decorations. Keep in mind that everything can be deep cleaned.

2. Do: Take Cash 

Many thrift shops, especially local ones, only take cash, or have a minimum purchase requirement for credit/debit cards. It is always good to come prepared.

3. Don’t: Ignore The Small Details

Always check every inch of your item for quality of material, brand, any damages such as holes, stains, missing buttons, etc.

4. Do: Shop Often

Thrift Shops that one day might not have anything for you can hold many treasures and great brand clothing the following day. The thing with shops like these is that they are constantly changing and they carry very unique items that can only be found once. That is why frequent trips are recommended, because you have to be very selective and smart with your purchases.

5. Don’t: Ignore The Sales

While most thrift shops sell their items at a discounted price, they also have great deals. Many shops usually mark down a certain section of the shop once a week, or offer 50% off storewide on holidays. It never hurts to get an extra little discount, so be on the lookout for sales.

6. Do: Dress in Easy-To-Remove Layers

Not all thrift shops have fitting rooms. Make sure you wear something fitting, because there is a possibility you will have to try clothes on in the middle of the store. Wear clothes that are easy to put on and off, it’ll facilitate the process of trying on clothes.

7. Don’t: Disrespect The Employees

Thrift shop employees are sometimes volunteers. It is crucial to respect them like any other employee, because they are working just as hard. Employees who like you can also offer you an insight on special deals and new items that come in too. Regardless, always be respectful and kind.

8. Do: Visit More Than One Thrift Shop

All thrift shops are different. Big-chain companies like Goodwill will offer different prizes, items, and offers than local shops. Make sure you visit more than one shop for a higher possibility of finding vintage treasures and brand clothing. Big chain or local, try different locations, you never know what you might find.