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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

School is in full swing for the University of La Verne now! As a returning student, I know more than I did before about dorm life. Here are some things I wish I would have known to bring to school the first time around



Mattress topper

Adding a mattress topper on top of the dorm mattress that the school provides can have a significant difference in the quality of your sleep. Whether you get a one inch foam topper or a three inch memory foam topper, you will feel the difference. 


In addition to a standard bed pillow, this arm and back pillow allows you to sit up against the wall without having to readjust or fidget. 

Bed risers

Give you additional storage space under your bed.


Storage bins/Drawer cart

If you don’t visit home often enough to bring your seasonal clothes, storage bins are a fantastic way to keep those seasonal items (under your bed) without taking up that precious space in your closet.

Drawer carts are an alternative to storage bins and are great for those who are short on drawer space.


Additional seating

An extra place to sit can come in handy when friends come over to hang out or study in your room.

Desk Lamp

Desk lamps come in handy when you need low light


Eye mask

Sleep is important… but so is studying. If you are trying to get some sleep and your room mate is going to stay up late studying with the light on, an eye mask is perfect.


Bluetooth speaker

For those times you need to sing or dance your heart out


Dry erase wall calendar

Plans change. Thats why a dry erase monthly or weekly calendar is perfect for your busy college student lifestyle!


Pictures, posters, wall art, even tape

Add personality and style to your room… Get creative! Of course, you will need Command strips and or thumb tacks to hang your new decor.  


Snack stash

Top Ramen, fruit cups/canned fruit, tea, granola bars, chips (veggie chips if youre trying to be healthy), or things that you want but the dining hall doesnt have.



Whether it is a slim size or handheld, having a vacuum is better than not having one at all. I learned this lesson the hard way when a package of Ritz Crackers spilled on the carpet and got stepped on. If you have a snack stash, it’d be wise to get a vacuum. 


Filtered water pitcher/filtered water bottle

Instead of buying a bulky flat of water bottles every week, try a filtered water pitcher or filtered water bottle instead. Go green!


Mini Stapler/Paper clips

Avoid the awkward moment in class when you print out a 15 page paper and expect a your professor to provide these to you but he or she does not. be on the professors desk but its not.


The next few are pretty self explanitory…

Extra clothes hangers

Mini Fridge

Cleaning Wipes


I am a second year student at the University of La Verne majoring in Educational Studies. My other on campus involvement includes serving on the Campus Activity Board as the Special Events chair, as well as being Treasurer for the University of La Verne Chorale and Chamber Singers. Thanks for reading!