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DIY Crafts made from Recycled Materials

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at La Verne chapter.

On behalf of encouraging Earth Day, here are some creative pieces showcasing how using recyclable materials can make exceptional decor at home. 



Egg Carton Lamp

MATERIALS: scissors, 9 dozen-size cardboard egg cartons, 1 string of 100 LEDs, craft knife, spray paint, chicken wire (1 10″ × 20″ piece) at homedepot.com, floral wire.

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1. Cut out individual cups from egg cartons. Trim edges of each cup to look like 4 rounded petals. 2. Spray-paint inside and outside of cups. 3. Push a lightbulb through each hole in chicken wire, using floral wire to secure. 4. Roll chicken wire into a cylinder, lights facing out, and fasten ends together with floral wire. Stand cylinder on one end. 5. Using craft knife, cut an X through the bottom of each egg cup. Push a cup over each lightbulb.


By Jo-Anna Rooney, a blogger at aprettylifeinthesuburbs.com


Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser

MATERIALS: Wine bottle, paintbrush, glitter glue, glass glitter (save-on-crafts.com), newspaper, spray sealant for glitter (amazon.com), paint pen, chalkboard label (amazon.com), bottle pourer (amazon.com).


1. Wash bottle and remove labels. 2. Use brush to apply a layer of glitter glue to bottle’s neck. Working over newspaper, sprinkle with glass glitter until completely covered. Let dry. 3. Wrap newspaper around portion of bottle not covered in glitter (to protect it from sealant). Spray neck with sealant. 4. Write dish on label with paint pen. Adhere to bottle. 5. Fill with dish soap. Add pourer.


By Kayla Aimee, a blogger at kaylaaimee.com


Wine Cork Stamped Gift Wrap

MATERIALS: Scissors, clear tape, Kraft paper or other paper in a solid color, 1 cork, X-acto knife, acrylic paint, glitter, bow and ribbon or twine (optional).

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1. Use scissors and tape to wrap gift in kraft paper or other solid-color paper. 2. For snowflake design, cut 5 small ¼″-deep triangles out of cork end with X-acto knife. For dot design, leave cork as is. 3. Dip cork in paint, blotting off excess on a piece of scrap paper. Stamp a pattern onto wrapped gift. 4. Sprinkle glitter onto wet paint design; tap off excess. Let dry. 5. Finish off package with bow and ribbon or twine, if desired.


By Kim Byers, blogger at thecelebrationshoppe.com


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