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Campus SFX Artist: Jordan Nelson

Pumpkins, UGGs, costumes flying off racks, scary decorations, and horror nights; the signs of Halloween have emerged early this October. The change in culture has lead costumes from requiring a scare element to being provocative in nature, however there are certain people who take Halloween into another level. 

Special effects makeup, also known as Prosthetic makeup is the process of using advanced techniques of prosthetic casting, molding, and sculpting to create advanced cosmetic effects. It is commonly used in the entertainment industry, specifically sci-fi and horror movies.


Jordan Nelson, a freshmen theatre major at The University of La Verne, developed an interest in special effect makeup and started practicing it as a hobby throughout high school. She uses social media platforms, specifically Instagram, to exhibit her work and share her art with others. Unlike other artists, Nelson uses herself as a canvas; however, she is willing to do others.

An interview with Nelson reveals her history and inspiration with the makeup FX field.


 How did you get into the makeup FX field?

I got into the makeup FX field because it was an art form I had not been involved in yet. After attempting it, I realized I loved it and I have been doing it since.


 Is there anything in particular that was your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from the videos on YouTube of SFX makeup artists creating wonderful SFX art with practically nothing.


What is your definition of makeup artist, and what do you think is the difference between a makeup artist and an SFX makeup artist? 

A makeup artist is someone who can alter ones physical appearance with makeup. A SFX artist is considered a makeup artist, however a makeup artist is not necessarily an SFX artist. To be SFX makeup there should be more focus are creating an illusion or a character.


Are you looking forward for your first Halloween at the university of La Verne?

I am very much looking forward to my first Halloween here.


Do you usually do your friend’s makeup for Halloween?

I have not done anyone’s makeup for Halloween yet, but I am willing to!


Is there any work in particular that you are proud of?

I once posted one of my SFX makeup looks to my Instagram, it was of two rows of teeth going from my widow’s peak down to my mid chest, and it got featured on Instagram and generated over 3000 likes.


Do you mind sharing some pieces that you are proud of?

The following are pieces that have been featured on my Instagram, @aqua_radish which has about everything that I had ever done. They illstrate both my early and recent work throughout my experience being a SFX artist. 



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