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What year student are you and what is your major/minor(s)?

Currently I am a junior at ULV where I am double majoring in Business Administration and Theatre Arts. I am also in the Honors Program.

What made you decide to choose your major/minor?

The reason I chose to major in Business Administration is because upon graduation I plan on starting my own design label and fashion company. A degree in Business Administration will give me the knowledge and tools needed to start my own company. The reason I chose to major in Theatre Arts as well, is because it allows me to use my design skills to costume productions on campus.

What do you enjoy most about your classes or your major?

What I enjoy most, is that I am able to take a wide variety of classes. During a semester I will have several business, theatre and honors classes. This variety of classes helps to make me a well-rounded student.  

What show are you currently working on at ULV and what all are you required to do for this play/show?

Currently, I am the head costume designer for the upcoming production of Copenhagen. As head costume designer I am responsible for analyzing the script, producing original sketches, collaborating with the director, and constructing or purchasing costumes that fit my vision for the characters.

What motivates you every day and makes you happy at ULV?

What I love most about attending ULV, is that I am not only a student, but I am a student-athlete. I am a member of the women’s swim team, and this motivates me to do well in all aspects of my life. Being on a team has taught me not only dedication in the water, but also dedication in the classroom. I love waking up in the morning and starting my day with a workout with my team. This gets me ready for the day because I love swimming and I love my team.    

What is a favorite memory you have during your time at ULV?

My favorite memory from ULV is attending the Olympic Training Center in Colorado with my swim and dive team. We were fortunate enough to stay for an entire week, and practice and train in the same pool and weight room as U.S. Olympians. We also had lectures with some of the top people from USA swimming. I learned so much from this experience, and am forever grateful to attend a University that provides these opportunities for their athletes. 


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